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Blinded by Colors

Blinded by Colors

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Blinded by Colors
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Why Blinded by Colors has appeal?
     The underlying theme, friends are invaluable, carries readers through time to remember the special moments shared between a loved one and them. The lively scenes will engross readers and the emotional turmoil will reawaken their memories to the time they once needed support to cope with the realities of life.

Does this novel display a part of your life?
Most definitely. As a child, I dealt with the pain and heartaches of poverty and exposure to prejudice. I do not think that it was necessarily racism; I think it was stimulation from fear. There were four of us somewhat close together since our parents were the age of most of my classmates’ grandparents. We four would go in the woods and play. When we played, we pretended to be warriors, presidents, teachers, and anything else you can name. There was a steep hill where some men came in and dug out the ground. We called it our swimming pool, though it was filled with muddy clay water. After we swam in the water, we’d delight ourselves with some mud-pie and “ditch-water” tea; acting properly and mimicking the wealthy people we saw on television.

Why are you inspired to write?

I teach at a school where the majority of the students are from families with low socioeconomic statuses. When looking out at my student body, I see children in the predicaments so much similar to my past. I know it takes more than talk to reach these children. I use to think, everyone who talks about what it takes to excel never had to deal with the pain that I dealt with, and so what qualified them to tell stories of success. Again, it goes to show if we just listen, we may learn. Now, I feel it only takes a speck of faith, a loving family, and a friend who truly accepts the person in order for him or her to grow from a rosebud to a fully developed blossom.


Ten year old Lynn has the perfect family in the eyes of her best friend Johnny. Yet trapped inside a poverty stricken childhood, her so-called perfect world begins to fall apart. She depends on the only person outside her family who can help her, but he is nowhere to be found. Punished and locked under his father's grasp, Johnny disobeys him and secretly meets with her in their private spot deep in the woods. Suddenly, he is trapped by his father and decides to run away from home to protect his friendship with the one true person who sees more than just his color. Will this put an end to the perfect friendship? Or will love's bond shatter the walls of hatred?
"To unveil the real meaning of friendship, they only need to allow a ray of light to shine through, just enough to see the true color inside."

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 Deborah Grate Frink
July 8, 2006