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Display board with information about careers


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After teaching my students how to organize information using graphic organizers, conducting research, finding the main idea and details, how to paraphrase and summarize, how to skim and scan, and the parts of informational texts, I gave them a research requirement sheet. They had to find information such as the income, work duties, working conditions, and special requirements for a job of their choice. They used the writing process to write a composition and develop a display board to present the information to the class.

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When the students conducted the research and organized their information, they had to find a particular person in the career they chose. Once they found information about the person's life, how he or she got started in the job area, and other valuable information based on the requirement sheet, the students wrote an autobiographical sketch about the person and created visuals to accompany their project. By having the students complete the research, they related the life of a person already in the field of their chosen occupation to their very own lives. This, in fact, sparked a curiousity, which gave the students a motive for succeeding in their classes.

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READING CORNER: I selected a corner just for students to pick up a good book and relax their minds by reading. As they read, they had to track their reading by developing questions, writing down their concerns, and tabbing their favorite and least favorite parts of the story. (Keep plenty of post it notepads) I then allowed a few students to have a book talk, hoping to peek the curiousity of my non-readers. If they heard parts of a good story being told by a classmate, then they may pick up the book and read it for themselves.

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 Deborah Grate Frink
July 8, 2006