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Blinded by Colors

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Deborah is currently working on several projects. Without exposing what each project is about, she has given a few thought provoking questions and comments about each one. Look for these items soon.
1.  More Than a Spoon Full - If you hold a secret that could destroy a close relative, would you tell on the person? Or should you allow the person to protect himself from the gang of boys at school? But who is to blame when he gets caught?
2. Just 1 - Utopia is the perfect society. If you had a chance to live in a world where rules are strictly enforced and you had no worries in the world, would you live there? Or would you live where you can be free, but you must keep an open eye because chaos can strike at any moment?
3. Secrets Within - In today's society, the Internet is a place where people can escape from the harsh realities of the world. But can you solely rely upon the Internet to help you forget the secrets you hold inside? 
4. Web of Attraction - You can close your eyes and dream of your desires quicker than you can obtain them. Be careful of what you wish for, you may just get the opposite. Then again, it's best to accept what you have and move forward with it.

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 Deborah Grate Frink
July 8, 2006